Locals raged over bad road conditions in Makum's Ashok Nagar

Makum: Dilapidated road conditions in Makum’s Ashok Nagar area have been a cause of concern for the local people for the past several years.

The local people from the area have been blaming the Government of Assam for their lame approach in sorting the issues of constructing a good well-pitched road for movement.

Amid the crisis situation due to COVID-19 and flood, the people of this part of the region has been widely neglected by the Government of Assam.

Locals also claim that since the last several years this part of the region has been deprived of basic modern facilities like education, health care, livelihood etc.

Speaking to Midage Media, one of the local people (not willing to be named) from ward no-10 of Ashok Nagar area under Makum battalion stated that they have been deprived of good road well-pitched roads since decades, none of the political representatives have come forward to take of the situation here in our locality.

“Be it Congress or BJP, we are still waiting for the Ache-Din to come,” said the local.

Meanwhile, Midage Media had tried contacting the local representative of the Tingrai Bengali Gaon Panchayat, Makum Battalion, however, they were not available for a quote.

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