Strayed Tigress from Kaziranga National Park rescued

‘90% camps at Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve is under floodwaters’

Kaziranga: A tigress that strayed into a house in the Baghmari area at Bagori range amid the ongoing flood situation at Kaziranga National Park was successfully rescued by the tranquilization method and she is taken to rescue centre, CWRC for further care.

The rescue operation took more than 24 hours.

Veterinary Dr. Samsul Ali and Kaziranga staff conducted the operation with support from the Civil Administration, Police dept, NGOs and other local people from the area.

The team also thanked Prabin Bora for giving residence to tigress since yesterday.

Notably, almost 90% of camps at the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve are under floodwaters.

As per forest reports, out of 223 forest camps, 153 camps inundated in Assam Floods, of which 14 camps were vacated.

So far 66 animals have lost their lives and 117 animals have been rescued by the Forest official/CWRC team/Local people.

It may also be mentioned that the water level at Pasighat and Dibrugarh are below the danger level, however, the water level at Nimatighat, Numaligarh, Dhansirimukh and Tezpur are still above the danger level.

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