April 15, 2021

Olympics might get Cancelled if COVID situation worsens: Japan

Toshihiro Nikai, Secretary General of Japan’s ruling party Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) said on Thursday that cancelling this year’s Tokyo Olympics could be an option if COVID-19 situation worsens. “What is the meaning of the Olympics if we spread infectious disease to many people during Olympics?” he added. Mr Nikai is known for his frank comments. While many other ruling party politicians have avoided discussing this issue Nikai openly talked about it.

“We need to cancel it without hesitation if they’re no longer possible,” Nikai said. He said this in a TV show which is yet to be aired that cancelling the games might be an option if the rapid spread of Coronavirus continues making it difficult for the organisers to continue the event. This remark came when the capital on Wednesday began a 100-day countdown.

Head of the government Covid-19 panel warned Japan has entered a “fourth wave” of infections. Recorded number of cases has been reported in Osaka in recent days. The world biggest sporting event has already been delayed by a year and is being held without international spectators.
Opinion polls show a majority of Japanese favour postponing or cancelling of the games. Netizens of Japan also tweeted in favor of #CancellingOlympics with more than 20000 tweets.

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