June 21, 2020

Peace Can Prevail In Society With Political Justice Sans Hate Culture

By Rohan Dhar

As the saying goes, a mob is a headless monster. While mob psychology is highly complex matter of study, its manifestation at the ground level is generally bound to violence propelled by misguided, frustrated and angry inner passion. Over the last few years mob violence leading to lynching has been on the rise across the country (https://archive.indiaspend.com/cover-story/86-dead-in-cow-related-violence-since-2010-are-muslim-97-attacks-after-2014-2014).

An opinion piece is published by the media portal Youth Ki Awaaz (https://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2020/06/how-restorative-is-demand-for-justice-of-dokoma-lynch-victims/) where the writer raises few relevant questions about the demand of justice by public for Karbi Anglong Lynch victims.

The writer remembers being witness to a viral video of two youths being lynched to death in Karbi Anglong on June 8, 2018. Reportedly the two youths Nilotpal Das and Abhijeet Nath were on a trip to Karbi Anglong and were accused as child-lifters. Praying for mercy, Nilotpal screamed that he was an Assamese. But there was no taker in the angry mob and the brutal beating on the duo continued.

It was a situation where human values were nowhere to be seen and lust for blood was seemingly mounting. The two youths did not look like the natives and hence to convince the mob that they were from Assam the scheme was made that they were Assamese. Presently it appears that this problem of someone being a native or non-native, or a local and non-local is seemingly rides high all over India.

While despite several odds, the philosophy of tolerance advocated by Buddha, Mahapurush Sankardeva, Azan Pir, Swami Vivekananda and other saintly figures could hold sway over a section of Indians, since some time, with political blessings, rowdyism has clearly outstripped all humanism, while poisoning Indian Culture with the venom of casteism, communalism, racism and such anti-people and anti-national elements. No wonder, caste violence, communal violence are on the rise.

So far as the Karbi Anglong lynching was concerned, there were posts in the Facebook demanding similar treatment at the hands of the public at the hansa of the public. This in turn puts the protesters posting Facebook posts and the criminal involved in lunching on the same footing. The mindset of blood for blood must change if we are to have a peaceful society.

While the guilty when convicted deserved to be given exemplary punishment by the law, the lust for the blood of the guilty among some are calling for the death penalty for the killers. It is this lust for blood and haterade latent in the psychology of some are indeed proving to be the seeds of violence and bloodshed at the social forum.

While Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has assured that the perpetrators of the Karbi Anglong would be punished, it is ironic that his party has adopted, in deeds, the opposite stance in some other state like Rajasthan and Jharkhand.

One is reminded of the famous quote "some animals are more equal than others" taken from George Orwell's famous book 'Animal Farm". The Assam government, as well as governments in other states, must ensure that Abhijeet and Nilotpal and Pehlu Khan and Tezreb Ansari deserve justice by the same yardstick while all guilty irrespective of caste, class, religion and gender.

The question again arises as to How many of those protesting against the brutal mob lynching of Abhijeet and Nilotpal also desire in the core of their hearts a defeati of the mushrooming hate instigating culture? It may be remembered that no crime is committed in the independence of our societal influence. The server of justice may be facing a tough time if the police of haterade rules the roost in the society.

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