November 27, 2020

Diego Maradona will be remembered forever......

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“Football is over, without Maradona there’s no more football.

There’s no Messi, there’s no Pele only Maradona for all of Argentina,” said a fan.

In Buenos Aires they remember Diego Maradona with three days of mourning for a national hero and one of the greatest football players of all time.

“The money, the millions that comes along later, naturally. What’s important is to enjoy football. There’s no success without taking pleasure in the game,” Al Jazeera quoted Maradona.

Some important facts of Diego Maradona's life

Born in 1960, Maradona was raised in a Buenos Aires slum, later; he went on to play for Argentina as a teenager.

At 165 cm tall Maradona was stocky and powerful.

His skill and balance made him unstoppable, and in 1986 he led Argentina to a sensational and controversial World Cup victory.

Argentina Fans claim saying, “He was from here, represented us, he waved our flag, gave us joy. He filled us with joy in front of the English. We didn’t wage war on them, but with that ‘Hand of God’ he gave the soul back to the people.”

Maradona also thrived in club football playing for Barcelona in the early 1980’s and then Napoli in Italy where he is still seen as a favourite son for taking them to their first ever Italian titles.

As per reports, Napoli’s stadium is to be renamed after him.

The stadium is at the moment called ‘San Paolo’.

Of the field there was turbulence. Maradona had a cocaine addiction struggled with alcohol abuse and was banned from playing after failing drug tests.

He spent four years in Cuba as a friend of Fidel Castro trying to shake his addiction.

At 2010 World Cup Maradona defied critics as Manager of Argentina to reach the quarter finals.

He also dipped in and out of club management.

His last public appearance was at a game on his 60th birthday where he appeared frail and left early.

He died at home no Wednesday less than a month later after suffering a heart attack.

Diego Maradona will be remembered for his rags to riches story his genius on the pitch and the battles with his demons off it but ultimately as one of football’s greatest legends.

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