A black day for Guwahati, A black day for Humanity: 30-10-2008

Midage Bureau

After 12 years the BTR is formed, the ruling Government is claiming that the Bodos have got their rights, various ex militant groups have come into ceasefire agreement with the Government, Ranjan Daimary achieved bail and is now locked in the Guwahati Central Jail along with other political prisoners including KMSS leader Akhil Gogoi.

The scene of Guwahati too has changed; very recently an extension of the flyover is inaugurated at Ganeshguri, the location which has seen the most of farce at 2008 bomb blast.

But what still strikes our minds are those visuals of poor and destitute who had lost their lives, an elderly cobbler, migrant workers, dead bodies of small time shopkeepers, mutilated bodies of the proletariats. The roads of Guwahati were washed that day with the blood of the most downtrodden population of this city.

What has these groups of people to do with the struggle for Liberation? What was their role in obstructing the right to self determination of the Bodos? Every violence sees this group being massacred, be the reason be political or ideological.

A time when certain groups are upholding the right to self determination and are justifying insurgency, few groups are trying to satisfy their blood lust of revenge by holding an entire tribe to be a criminal and then there are groups who are again and again promoting violence through its schools and cadres while demeaning Mahatma Gandhi and glorifying his killer Godse, it is Gandhi and his ideology of non violence which stands with the most downtrodden and protecting them from such farce.

No war could be won by violence; the only way to self determination is a non violent democratic rebellion.

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