Lajpat Nagar Bomb Blast: Kashmiris acquitted after serving 23 years jail


Guwahati: Three Kashmiri youths who were apprehended as ‘terrorists’ walks out of jail acquitted of all charges after serving 23 years of incarceration.

Mohammad Ali Bhat, Lateef Ahmad Waza, and Mirza Nissar Hussain were arrested from Nepal for their alleged links in the Lajpat Nagar Bomb Blast case and the Dausa Bomb Blast case a day later in the year 1996.

The three were acquitted in the Lajpat Nagar Bomb Blast case in the year 2012. They were in the prison for their pending appeal at Rajasthan High Court alleging them to have links with the Dausa Bomb Blast case. They were finally acquitted of all the charges by the Rajasthan High Court and they finally walked out of the prison last week.

This shows the sheer apathy of the state towards the course of victimization of Kashmiris by the Indian State. The three youths were traders and were picked up from Nepal after the case. They were languishing behind bars for more than two decades to walk out acquitted of all charges.

Four Kashmir men accused in the Salmeti Blast Case 1996 had walked out of Jaipur Central Jail last year in the month of July after spending more than two decades in the prison.

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The Indian State is busy providing Kashmiri citizenship to the non-Kashmiris while continuing its military war against Kashmiris amidst a yearlong lockdown after the abrogation of Article 370.

Such instances of branding the Kashmiri youths as terrorists, incarcerate them for decades and delay their trials illuminate the heinous mentality of the Indian State towards the Kashmiris. The Indian State should introspect on the fact that isn’t incarceration for more than two decades after being implicated with false charges a shame on its human rights policies? The public should also discuss that is branding the Kashmiris as terrorists a reflection of our sheer hatred filled mindsets?

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