Gap Between Recovered And Active Cases Cross 2 Lakhs

National Recovery Rate improves to 62.09%

New Delhi: In a significant achievement, the number of recovered cases has overshot the number of COVID-19 active cases by 2,06,588. The number of recovered cases is 1.75 times (almost twice) the number of active cases. During the last 24 hours, a total of 19,547 patients have been cured, taking the cumulative figure of recoveries among COVID-19 patients to 4,76,377 as of today. This is a result of focussed attention on effective surveillance through house-to-house contact tracing, early detection, and isolation as well as timely and effective clinical management of COVID-19 cases.

Presently, there are 2,69,789 active cases and all are under active medical supervision.

It would perhaps be not fair to compare India to other countries in terms of absolute numbers, India has 195.5 cases per million population which is amongst the lowest in the world. The proactive delineation of containment and buffer zones, aggressive testing, early and timely detection and adherence to clinical protocols & better ICU/hospital management also manifests in India having one of the lowest fatalities in the world. Deaths per million population in India are 15.31 which translates to a fatality rate of 2.75%. Whereas, the global deaths per million population stand at 68.7.

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