Anupam Kher receives heartwarming letter from PM Narendra Modi on his book

Actor Anupam Kher has said he is hon-oured and humbled to receive a letter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on his latest book titled Your Best Day Is Today.

“Honourable Prime Minister @narendramodi ji ! Thank you for this beautiful, generous and full of warmth letter to me about my book #YourBestDayIsToday. It really touched my heart! I feel honoured and humbled that you actually took the time out to go through my book. You are an amazingly inspirational leader! With you as our PM I am confident that India will be the #JagatGuru of the world very soon! May you continue to lead us for years. My mother, your biggest admirer sends her blessings! Thank you once again sir! Your letter is my treasure!” Anupam Kher wrote in an Instagram post.

The actor also shared the letter signed by the Prime Minister and addressed to him. The letter has been sent by the Prime Minister after he read Kher’s book.

The letter reads: “Shri Anupam Kher Ji, I was delighted to receive your book Your Best Day Is Today. It is a timely book given the recent developments over the past year.”

“Right at the beginning of the book, I read that the title of the book is a phrase that your mother used to tell you every day as a child. The wisdom of your mother, Smt Dulari Ji, in filling such positivity and spirit of purpose in her child each day has clearly paid off in your achievements.”

“Individuals and families with such fortitude make up our nation. This is why we have been able to put up a united and resolute fight against Covid-19 and the disruption induced by it.”

“Your book also reminds me of something I wrote in Exam Warriors. A mantra I gave to my young friends was that the ‘present’ is God’s greatest present.”

“It is interesting that you have analysed the ‘new normal’ that we could see in the post-Covid world from many angles. Whatever the structure of this ‘new normal’, I am positive that the role of India and Indians in the future of our planet will only become more and more crucial. This is where the call for Aatmanirbhar Bharat originates from.”

“Your book is a message to humanity to be ever prepared for any challenge that life throws at us, to adopt a positive outlook and stay firmly rooted in the present,” the letter added.

Kher published his first book The Best Thing About You Is You! in 2011, and his biographical work, Lessons Life Taught Me Unknowingly, in 2019. He wrote Your Best Day Is Today! last year, accounting his experiences during the Covid pandemic.

(Source: IANS)

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