CSWO condemns NEIGRIHMS incident, demands 'No Bail' for culprit

Shillong: The Civil Society Women's Organization (CSWO) on Sunday condemned the alleged molestation of two women by doctor Jhutan Chaudhuri at NEIGRIHMS in Shillong and demanded that no bail should be granted to the accused.

As per reports, Dr. Chaudhuri was arrested in connection with the alleged molestation of two women, who had gone for a medical check-up to him. The police later forwarded the doctor to the court on the same day where he was remanded to 14 days judicial custody.

In a press statement, CSWO president Agnes Kharshiing said, “His acts have shamed the Institution, profession, and he has abused his position and even took one of the patients for examining in a room which is used by doctors for consulting among the doctors in NEIGRIHMS. This doctor examined both patients twice on that day to fulfill his lust. The investigation Officer should be provided the CCTVs in NEIGRIHMS.”

She also mentioned that the accused doctor should also be booked under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989, so that such perpetrators cannot exploit and take advantage of our women.

“The CSWO has met the victims, and their statement is shocking and factual and his photograph should be uploaded so that in case there are more such victims who had full faith on this person, as definite this would not be his first time and in the interest of the public at large, his photo should be upload and we stress he should not get bail as allowing bail to the molester, would put fear on women, who should be protected from such perpetrators,” Kharshiing added.

"If anyone obstructs the law in this case, Police should book them too as women are to be protected and not molested. Public has faith in Doctors and anyone who abuse their position, they do not deserve the profession," Kharshiing stated further.

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Shillong School Authority Threatens to Terminate Staff After He Demands Pay


Guwahati/Shillong: The owner of a private school in Shillong allegedly threatened to discharge a teacher of his duties after he asked for his salary.

The teacher, Shubhojyoti Das alleged that the owner of Christ International School at Barapani, Shillong made him work tirelessly even during the lockdown and when he inquired about his pay, the owner instead warned to throw him out of the school.

Das, who originally hails from West Bengal’s Midnapore District spoke to Midage Media on the matter.

“I was appointed by Eureka Classes and was teaching English since February 2020. Amid the lockdown period, I got stuck at the school premises. I was made to work by the owner of the school 7 hrs a day arranging the library and conducting online classes. But after running out of money, I contacted Eureka Classes to pay me my salary. Eureka Classes had let me know that they are not able to collect payment from the respective owner and hence, failed to pay my dues. I then asked the owner for compensation of my labour. The owner refused to pay my dues and said that I was obliged to continue work as I was being provided food and place to stay amid this pandemic. I felt unjust and again asked for my compensation today to which the owner threatened to throw me out of the campus.”

To confirm the allegation, Midage Media contacted Supratik Banerjee CEO, Eureka Classes over telephone, Banerjee said, “I am extremely in pain at the situation of our teachers, I have been requesting the owner to pay me which he has been denying ruthlessly. I am out of money and is looking forward to the owner to pay me. My teachers are starving, but, the owner plainly denied to pay us and rather terminated our contract without prior 6 months' notice. The owner has been forcing me to transact in cash for all these years, on denial he spoke filth to me. Our organization has been providing academic support to all schools located in remote Northeastern regions, we believe in equitable quality education, but, this owner of Christ International School has been continuously heckling us.”

Notably, Christ International School has been in contract with Eureka Classes for more than 3 years now.

Eureka Classes has been providing quality science teachers for upper classes at around 50 offbeat locations in Northeast. This particular company is the only organization working in the far-flung areas of Northeast.

Also, Debu Sarkar, Vice Principal, Christ International School said, “I take care of the academics. I did tell the teachers from Eureka Classes to report me and assigned them to take classes going beyond their contracts. I did order them to report me, but, I have got no say on finances.”

Meanwhile, when Midage Media contacted Computer Teacher from Christ International School, Ankit Kumar Shaw to go deep into the matter, some other facts unfolded.

“The registration process of the school is a hoax. They have forced me to put false names filling up the designated places of trustees and teachers of the school. The CBSE should conduct an inquiry on their affiliation credentials. They will be exposed,” Shaw alleged.

When contacted over phone, Father of Christ International School, Fr Augustine said, “We are not obliged to pay the teacher from Eureka Classes. We didn’t appoint that guy and hence, we’re not obliged to pay him…” and he disconnected the phone call.

Refusing to comment on the matter, the Owner-cum-Principal, Christ International School, Chirayth Verghese said “Sorry, it’s not convenient to answer your call right now” over the phone.

Reacting to the above mentioned incident, Social Activist and Civil Society Women’s Organization (CSWO) President, Agnes Kharshiing, “We condemn this incident. The person should be paid for his services. The school authority who has been denying the pay should be reported to the education department. Throwing him out is a violation of his basic human right. This is very inhuman to threaten someone to be thrown out amidst this lockdown. This is shameful. The school authorities should pay all the staff as per the order by the Central Government.”

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