Massive Forest Fire Breaks Out In Mizoram, Govt seeks Airforce help.

MIZORAM: A devastating wildfire has broken out in Lunglei district of Mizoram which is further spreading to nearby areas of Lunglei town. According to the reports, the fire started at around 7 am on April 24.

The fire is spreading fast due to wind and temperature and has almost spread over 10 village council areas within the town. In some areas such as Zotlang, Serkawn , Chanmari, the fire reached among the local buildings which then doused before it caused any major loss of property.

Authorities of Lunglei, firefighters and volunteers have been fighting to take it under control while some even suffered serious burn injuries. Besides them, the Assam Rifles and Border Security Force (BSF) are also helping out with their men and equipment in containing the fire.

The Mizoram government on Sunday has requested the Indian Air Force to control the massive wildfire which spread over 20 square km areas in the Langlei district. IAF has deployed two Mi-17V5 helicopters, equipped with Bambi Bucket to douse the fire.

“The fire is spreading very rapidly because of dry vegetation due to drought and temperature. Sometimes, it look normal and then suddenly it flares up. We are doing everything possible to control it,” Lunglei DM, Kulothungan A. He further assured that there is no loss of life and they have an evacuation plan and would take care of food and shelter.

He said that an investigation was going on to find out who or what has caused the fire. The burning down of jungles for jhum cultivation was the reason behind many wildfire incidents in the Northeastern states in the past.