Akhil Gogoi demands State Heritage Site tag for Sivasagar in assembly

He also sought Rs 100 crore for the development of the city, the erstwhile capital of the Ahom kings who ruled Assam for more than 600 years before the advent of the British.

Guwahati: Independent Assam MLA Akhil Gogoi on Tuesday demanded that the government declare the historical city of Sivasagar, which is also his constituency, as a ‘State Heritage Site’.

He also sought Rs 100 crore for the development of the city, the erstwhile capital of the Ahom kings who ruled Assam for more than 600 years before the advent of the British.

Raising the issue during the Members’ Hour in the ongoing budget session of the assembly, Gogoi said that there are 551 historical monuments or sites dated back to the Ahom kingdom scattered around Sivasagar.

“Such concentration of historical monuments at one place is rare in the entire world. Sivasagar is our pride and it was included in the probable list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO in 2019,” he said.

Scores of domestic and international tourists come to visit the place and highly appreciate the place because of its unique architectural marvels, the Raijor Dal president said.

“Therefore, I request the Assam government to declare Sivasagar as a State Heritage Site or City under various existing rules. This will lead to preservation and promotion of our ancient monuments,” Gogoi said.

The declaration of the city as a ‘State Heritage Site’ will also fit into the criteria of UNESCO as announced in 1972, the MLA of Sivasagar claimed.

“I request the government to invest Rs 100 crore in Sivasagar for its development. I assure you we will contribute Rs 1,000 crore revenue to the state exchequer in return,” he said.

Reacting to his demand, Cultural Affairs Minister Bimal Bora said that Sivasagar has the potential to become not only a State Heritage Site but also a World Heritage Site.

“We have been working for the development of Sivasagar since the last BJP government came to power. The work will not be over only by declaring it as a State Heritage Site. We will have to discuss it with the people of Sivasagar,” he said.

As the minister did not specifically comment on the demand of the legislator, Gogoi sought to know whether the government will declare Sivasagar as a State Heritage Site.

Bora said, “You need money for Sivasagar, isn’t it? Only Rs 100 crore cannot solve Sivasagar’s problems. We will do more than that.”

Sivasagar, earlier known as Rangpur, is situated 363 km east of Guwahati.

The most remarkable landscape of the town is the 200- year-old Sivasagar tank. Its unique feature is that the water level is above the level of the town.

There are three temples on its banks — Shivadol, Vishnudol and Devidol — all built by Queen Madambika, the wife of Ahom king Sutanphaa or Shiva Singha, in 1734. The Shivadol is one of the tallest Shiva temples in India with a height of 104 feet.

Joysagar, 5 km outside the Sivasagar town, is the biggest man-made tank in the country with an area of over 318 acres.

Sivasagar is also famous for ‘Talatal Ghar’ and ‘Rang Ghar’. The seven-storied ‘Talatal Ghar’ was built as an Ahom army base with its three floors constructed below the ground.

The ‘Rang Ghar’, an amphitheatre, was built by King Pramatta Singha. This two-storied oval-shaped pavilion is one of the largest of its kind in Asia.

Today’s Sivasagar is a fast developing urban settlement and is the headquarters of the Sivasagar district, a leading tea and oil producing centre.

Opposition slams Assam CM for ‘normalizing’ police shooting

Nine people have been shot while trying to resist arrest or flee from police custody

Opposition parties in Assam have slammed Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma for allegedly “encouraging and normalising” shooting by police to check crime.

At least 11 alleged extremists and criminals have been killed in encounters with security forces in the State since May. Nine people accused of various crimes have also been shot in the leg during this period while trying to flee from police custody or resist arrest.

“It is shameful that the Chief Minister has been encouraging such tactics of the police. We are not against catching an accused, but the way police are dealing with them is gross human rights violation,” Raijor Dal president Akhil Gogoi, who was released from prison after 18 months, told journalists on Thursday.

Addressing a meeting of the officers-in-charge of police stations across Assam on July 5, Dr. Sarma said it was within the law to shoot a criminal in the leg if they tried to escape from custody.

“This should be the pattern if someone who is a rapist tries to flee after snatching arms from police or someone who tries to escape while re-creating a scene of crime,” he said.

Criticising the “bid to turn Assam into a police State”, Mr. Gogoi appealed to human rights activists and intellectuals to start a movement against the “encounter” trend.

Congress leader Debabrata Saikia was also critical of the “trigger-happy” police.

“If criminals are trying to escape from police custody, it shows the police are being lax,” he said.

The police said three people shot in the leg while escaping were cattle smugglers, two each were drug peddlers and rapists of minor girls, one was a dacoit, and one a policeman involved in a case of abduction.

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Akhil Gogoi alleges torture in custody, claims NIA offered bail if he joined RSS, BJP

The letter released by Akhil Gogoi's newly floated political outfit Raijor Dal said that the peasant leader was taken to Delhi on December 18, 2019 without the Court's permission.

Anti-CAA activist Akhil Gogoi in a letter from jail on Tuesday alleged physical and mental torture in custody and claimed that he was offered instant bail by NIA interrogators if he joined either the RSS or BJP.

The letter released by Gogoi’s newly floated political outfit Raijor Dal said that the peasant leader was taken to Delhi on December 18, 2019 without the Court’s permission.

“At the NIA headquarter, I was lodged in lockup no 1 and was given only one dirty blanket. I slept on the floor in 3-4 degree celsius of temperature,” he claimed.

During interrogation, the NIA officials offered him instant bail if he joined the RSS, the letter claimed.

“When I was arguing against the insulting offer, they came out with another proposal of joining the BJP. They said I could contest the Assembly against a vacant seat and become a minister,” Gogoi claimed.

The RTI activist also alleged that he was offered Rs 20 crore to start an NGO by leaving the peasant body Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) and work against conversion of Assamese people into Christianity.

“When I did not accept any of their proposals, they offered me a meeting with the chief minister and an influential minister of Assam. I turned down that too,” Gogoi said.

He alleged that when he accepted none of the NIA offers of the NIA, he was called a “disobedient citizen” as charged in extreme cases.

“I was threatened with dire consequences if I don’t accept their proposals. Death threats also came. I was threatened with at least 10 years of imprisonment. With so much physical and mental torture, I became restless on the night of December 20,” Gogoi wrote.

He was admitted to Gauhati Medical College and Hospital for treating COVID-19 and remains there for other ailments.

The NIA had arrested him in December 2019 for his alleged role in violent anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests.

Assam Election: Hitler and Marxist Hitler teams up


Prasun Goswami

Assam is the Northeastern state with utmost influence of Indo-Aryan culture. The Hindutva has contaminated the caste-class privileged folks of Assam so much in the past 6 years that they have now reflected the North Indian Islam phobia and misogyny greatly. Take for example the case of a BJP affiliated guy opposing serving of beef to the tigers in Guwahati Zoo, Formation of Hindutva organisations like ‘Ram Sena’ and ‘Bharat Suraksha Manch’ in Assam, elated party members at Dibrugarh when a state minister promised them an anti-love-jihad law or spewing venom against the minorities as a whole, all these reflect the deeply rooted problems in the Assamese society which previously were dormant.

The question that arises now, is this utter Hindutva, misogyny, and sense of superiority new to the caste-class privileged Assamese folks? Assam has a long history of violence and unapologetic apathy towards the downtrodden of the state. Instigated by few Hindutva elements decades back, the violence on linguistic and religious minorities during the Assam Andolon has left deep scars in the social fabric of the state. Nellie Massacre in 1983 or the recent killings of Bengali-speaking Assamese in Doomdooma of Tinsukia district in the year 2018, the hatred towards a particular community seem to go hand in hand with the social fabric of Assam. This hatred gets more intense in the mind of a caste-class privileged Assamese when he moves to the Char-Chapori areas of Assam and comes across the Miya Bengali-speaking population of the state.

These have given rise to an anti-Assamese language sentiment in the Bengali-dominated parts of the state. Be it heckling of the residents of Brahmaputra Valley at Barak Valley (Bengali speaking dominated region of Assam), extending support to Citizenship Amendment Bill by the Indian National Congress affiliated MP of Barak Valley region, Sushmita Dev, or the anti-Assamese language abuses hurled by the BJP leader Shiladitya Deb, reflect that a peaceful co-existence of all the communities is not desired by both the privileged sides of the fabric (when I say communities I also include the tea garden workers who are in a dilapidated condition for more than a century but hardly finds any space in the greater Assamese culture).

Various hyper regionalist bodies played a role in this division of the masses, who were then also equally devastated by the violence ingrained in their lives by the Liberation-seeking ULFA. What followed was a three terms long tenure of Congress Government in the state. Before that though, the toxic regionalist sentiments in public did catch fire enabling the Asom Gana Parishad to be in power, but the scar of silent killings it was involved in made the masses opt for peace and prosperity through the Congress Government. The Congress Government heavily militarized the entire state and resorted to undemocratic means of dealing with extremists. These steps were gladly welcomed by the caste-class privileged Assamese fraternity of the state but the rural population had to pay a huge price in terms of being brutalized by the military violence, illegal disappearances, sexual violence by the armed forces, illegal killings, incarceration, etc. In the later terms, Congress got involved in utter misuse of people’s mandate and engrossed itself in high-profile corruption cases. Gradually the governance had turned to be pathetic and further the Congress had nothing more to offer to the public of Assam. Hence, being tipsy under the promises made by the national chowkidar Narendra Modi, the mass of this state opted for a new government in 2016, the BJP.

In the last five years of the BJP Government’s term, Assam has seen intense polarization of the public in terms of Hindus-Muslims, Assamese-Non Assamese, pro-anti Bengalis, pro-anti Ajmal, pro-anti CAA, pro—anti-NRC, pro-anti Pakistan, and the list continues. After a series of fascist measures, a brutal implementation of NRC, state-sponsored murders of the downtrodden traveling with documents upon receiving production notice by the Foreigner Tribunal, introducing and operating the most uncivilized concept,’ The Detention Camps’, murders of Bengali residents in the Detention Camps, a strong anti CAA mass protest, brutal attacks on the CAA protestors, state-sponsored murders, incarceration of activists, cracking down on the progressive poets and painters, restricting the freedom of the press, terminating the contract of publishing government advertisements with the pro-people media houses, a brutal lockdown and a lot of communal propaganda, the State election is on the door.

Assam election starts with BJP posing a robust model of Hindu-Muslim propaganda-based campaigning. The BJP has formed an ally with Asom Gann Parishad and the UPPL (recently came to power in the Bodoland region of Assam). Congress came forward to an alliance with the left-affiliated parties, Ajmal’s AIUDF, and a regional collective. The alliance has taken up the issues of secularism, saving the ethos of Assam, a law against CAA, and social justice to the tea garden workers and the minorities.

The inception of two new regional progressive (self-proclaimed) parties have come to light this Assam election. One is Asom Jatiya Parishad (AJP) formed under the leadership of an ex-AASU (a toxic regionalist students’ union) leader Lurinjyoti Gogoi and the other is ‘Raijor Dal’, formed under the leadership of Akhil Gogoi of KMSS, a peasant organisation and Srinkhal Chaliha of ‘Veer Lachit Sena’(another toxic regionalist body operating in Upper Assam).

The AJP has been following the regionalist line of politics whereas the line of ‘Raijor Dal’ is not yet clear. Sometimes they claim themselves to be Marxists while at the other times they have been claiming to follow the same regionalist line as the former.

For the first time in the history of an Assam election, AJP has come up with a promise of Universal Basic Income for the unemployed youths of the state in its manifesto. This step is welcoming as such a progressive scheme is mandatory to strengthen socialism in a state. The Raijor Dal came up with a promise of 10 Bighas of land to each of the landless citizens who came to the state before 1971 (the baseline for citizenship fixed as per the Assam Accord). The AJP and Raijor Dal have agreed to an alliance and are planting their candidates accordingly.

Why I said that the ideological stand of Raijor Dal is not clear yet because it has two component-organisations in it. One is KMSS, founded by Akhil Gogoi in 2005, this is a Marxist organisation struggling for the land rights of the farmers, implementation of NREGA, and campaigning against corporate and government corruption. The organisation also played a great role in mobilising masses against the anti-people environmental policies of the State and took the lead in the anti CAA protests of the state.

The other is Veer Lachit Sena. Founded by a staunch regionalist Srinkhal Chaliha (Assamese version of Garga Chatterjee) who rose to fame after his offensive statement about kneeling the Bengali residents of the state and serving a short prison term under the charge of sedition, the organistion is mostly operative in the parts of Upper Assam. They have been taking a stand against the CAA but their stand is in no way progressive. They sound very radically regressive in their stands and I doubt if they ever read or took the stand in favour of the liberated ‘Bor Axom’ dreamt by Veer Lachit Borphukan? After AASU, this is the organisation that reaffirms my belief that regionalism and nationalism are different faces of the same coin, both toxic and anti-human.

Interestingly both the organisations (ideologically poles apart) came together to contest this Assam election. Understandably, the organisations can unite based on a common minimum program and this unison can be a result of the same. Even in the last Bihar election, CPI-ML Liberation had contested jointly with RJD (CPI-ML Liberation leader and the ex-JNUSU president is alleged to be killed by Sahabuddin, an RJD leader). Similarly once staunch oppositions, the Left and Congress have come together to contest the elections in Assam and West Bengal. Similar is the case with the alliance of AIUDF and Congress in Assam. The ‘common minimum program’ in all these alliances is driving the fascist BJP out of power.

The Indo-Aryan culture’s infestation in Assam has made the grip of the Hindutva fanatics even stronger in the state. Under such circumstances, it is a must for the opposition to be united against the common enemy (read BJP). But the way the events are unfolding this Assam election raises huge questions about the integrity of these regional political parties contesting the BJP.

The first instance is repeated denial of bail to the incarcerated chief of Raijor Dal, Akhil Gogoi. Akhil Gogoi is incarcerated in the Guwahati Central Jail since December 2019. He is charged with UAPA and is being repeatedly denied bail by the lower, appellate, and the apex courts. It took a democratic protest by the prisoners of the Guwahati Central Jail in mid-2020 following which Akhil Gogoi with covid-19 infection was shifted to Guwahati Medical College for treatment. Since then he is in staying in the hospital premises.

It is no rocket science to point out that the BJP has already taken the charge of the courts and orders are passed by the Judiciary at the behest of the ruling party. Also, the to be considered fact is that Akhil Gogoi’s candidature for the upcoming elections had been announced with the inception of Raijor Dal. Now, releasing Akhil Gogoi on bail would have helped the ruling BJP to go for an anti-Akhil Gogoi campaign against him. They could have given fire to the charges filed against him to create an unpopular stand of him among the masses. Not granting him bail is helping Akhil Gogoi to generate sympathy votes which might help him win the upcoming elections. Now, is the BJP so stupid to jail him and help Akhil Gogoi generate sympathy votes which might pave his way to victory? Or is there something else cooking up between BJP and Raijor Dal?

The second instance is the recent letter issued to all the parties by Akhil Gogoi. In the letter, Akhil Gogoi has urged the opposition not to split and to contest the election against the common enemy, BJP. But he also urged the Congress and Left parties to discontinue their alliance with AIUDF. Gogoi has alleged Ajmal of AIUDF to be communal and compared him with BJP. Co-incidentally Himanta Biswa Sharma, BJP’s star campaigner in Assam is also continuously spewing venom against Ajmal. Now, is this coincident that Akhil Gogoi is adding up to the venom spitted against Ajmal by Himanta Biswasharma? (Note: In the year 2014, Akhil Gogoi had urged the public to vote for BJP and AIUDF so that Congress can be made oust from the state. Which Marxist organisation other than CPIM West Bengal urges the public to vote for a rightist party so that a Centrist party can be toppled?)

The third and final instance is that Raijor Dal has planted candidates in Bokakhat, where Pranab Doley is contesting independently. Pranab is a mass leader involved in agitations against anti-people policies of the state. He is contesting against AGP stalwart Atul Bora. Pranab comes from a marginalized community and is representing the rights of the marginalized, something which KMSS had claimed to be working for. Planting a candidate against Pranab by Raijor Dal strengthens the doubt on a BJP-Raijor Dal nexus.

What adds to this is the brusque bustle in the political parties owing to the ticket distribution. This bustle has touched all the parties and alliances. While party members of UPPL, an alliance of BJP has locked down one of its offices at Bhergaon owing to their discontentment of surrendering the seat to BJP, Congress Party workers had locked down the party office of Rangia owing to their discontentment in surrendering the seat to CPIM.

Akhil Gogoi, a Marxist whose utmost importance is to appease the popular public, owing to which he went to the extent of defending detention camps. His party has promised ten Bighas of land to the landless who have their name in NRC. Wondering if in power what will be his stand against the detected Bangladeshis who are living a life with merged income in Assam? Will he send them back? Will his actions follow the principles of Marxism which preaches uniting the oppressed of the world? Does Srinkhal Chaliha have even the minimum sense of progressiveness which his party preaches? Or he still holds to his fantasy of kneeling the Bengali-speaking residents of Assam? Amidst this Hindutva spree are Congress and Left seriously hoping to win considerable seats in this Assam election? Did the BJP involve the entire opposition in a nexus to ensure its stronghold or its schemes other than the polarisation will work wonders again? Amidst all these doubts the sophisticated dance of democracy continues in Assam!

Jailed Activist Akhil Gogoi Seeks United Opposition Candidate In Assam

GUWAHATI: A day after peasant leader and president of Raijor Dal in an open letter to opposition parties of the state said that he would not contest the ensuing state assembly polls if necessary, party members of Raijor Dal collected the nomination paper on his behalf for the Sivasagar constituency on Wednesday.

Gogoi who has been in judicial custody for over a year in a letter on Tuesday advocated fielding joint candidates against BJP’s in each constituency of the state to avoid vote division of anti-BJP voters. He said that if necessary he would not contests but all opposition parties must chalk a full-proof strategy to defeat BJP.

However, collecting the nomination papers on his behalf, Raijor Dal’s senior leader Dhaijjya Konwar said, “It’s confirmed that Akhil Gogoi will contest from Sivasagar and will have a landslide victory. People of Sivasagar want him to represent the constituency.”

Konwar added that Gogoi will submit the nomination papers within a day or two.

Earlier, Raijor Dal leaders said that they would join the ‘grand alliance’ led by Congress only if the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) walks out of it.

“We believe BJP and AIUDF are the two sides of the same coin. Both of them are fundamentalists. To defeat one fundamentalist force, we can’t take the support of another one. With AIUDF, Raijor Dal may consider joining hands with the grand alliance led by Congress,” the party’s senior member Bhasko De Saikia said.

Raijor Dal has already forged an alliance with Assam Jatiya Parishad, the regional front floated by All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) and Asom Jatiyatabadi Yuva Chatra Parishad (AJYCP).

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Artist from Guwahati Detained for Creating Artwork of Akhil Gogoi

As per some unverified sources, it has come to light that some artists were detained by the police for creating an artwork depicting atrocities meted out to the peasant leader Akhil Gogoi in Guwahati today. Gogoi was arrested in December 2019 for his alleged role in violent protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Various social media posts have also been circulating online about the detention of the artists.

One Facebook user who identifies himself as the brother of the artist has said that his brother along with some of his friends was detained by the police today near the Bashishta area in Guwahati.

His Facebook Post read as: “Just got the news that my brother and comrade Dhruba and some of his friends were picked by the police from Bashishta area.” He further added that they were trying to create an artwork of Akhil Gogoi on a wall.

Calling the Sarbananda led BJP government a fascist government he further questioned the safety of the common people in line with the small artwork done by a group of artists.

Senior journalist Atanu Bhuyan, sharing the picture of the artwork wrote on his Twitter handle, “An artist arrested from near Nidhi Bhawan in Guwahati while doing a wall painting on Akhil Gogoi’s arrest.”

It needs to be mentioned here that earlier this month the Gauhati High Court has taken up the plea seeking bail of Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) chief Akhil Gogoi under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). The court was scheduled for the hearing on November 19 (today).

On October 2, the KMSS launched a new regional party which has been christened as ‘Raijor Dal’ (people’s party). The launching ceremony was held a day after National Investigation Agency (NIA) special court granted bail to peasant leader Akhil Gogoi in a case related to the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) stir in Assam last year.

Indian State failed miserably in proving its degree of civilization

By Prasun Goswami,

As the Indian Society is convulsed under this pandemic, the fascist and capitalist State stands unshroud. The BJP-Sang Parivar finally sold the Constitution of India which terms India as a Socialist Unison of States and grants equal rights to every citizen of this country to crony capitalists.

The State greatly failed in controlling this pandemic and rather exploited the inequities prevailing in our society to further sell the country to the thugs and robbers. Be it the issue of migrant laborers, sex workers, student fraternity, small-time business persons, violence on women and children, or the prisoners, the State deliberately ignored to concentrate fooling the ‘panic privileged upper-middle-class’. Be it the fraudulent PM Cares Fund or the ‘Thaali-Diya’ spectacle, the ‘panic privileged middle-class’ seemed to buy them all.

The sheer cruelty of the State is illuminated further when it came to the issue of Indian Prisons during this pandemic. As Fyodor Dostoyevsky stated, “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons”, the Indian State failed miserably in proving its degree of civilization.

The State has been making an excuse of this pandemic to unleash its vengeance filled steps against all the dissenting voices, filling its prisons. The State is so flagrant that it forcefully incarcerated activists practicing dissent even after one Safoora Zargar being pregnant, one Akhil Gogoi (anti CAA protestor) after repeatedly complaining of his bad health, one 81 years old Varavara Rao even after he was complaining about his acute diseases, one Dr. Kafeel Khan even after he complained about the overcrowded prisons and lack of following Covid-19 protocols issued by a ministry of this Government itself, one Prof. Saibaba is languishing behind bars with over 90% of paralysis, and many more. These are the names which are coming from somewhat represent able strata of our society, needless to explain how appalling will be the conditions of the voiceless prisoners.

At Assam after the Gauhati Central Jail, coming directly under the jurisdiction of the Home Department was made a containment zone, a month later 1200 prisoners had to do a hunger strike followed by a citizens’ protest to compel the State to conduct tests of already symptoms showing inmates. A spectacle followed again where the State first informed that Akhil Gogoi tested positive, then they informed that he tested negative and then again positive and finally he was admitted to hospital after citizens’ outrage. Bittu Sonowal and Dhaijya Konwar, aides of Akhil Gogoi incarcerated for anti CAA protests, Amitabh Bagchi, Polit Bureau member of CPI (Maoists) incarcerated under the alleged links of CPI (Maoists) and NSCN collaboration of the year 2009 and Ranjan Daimary, chief of NDFB, all of them tested positive with more than 30 other prisoners.

Geetashree Tamuly, an Assistant Professor and partner of Akhil Gogoi yesterday stated in her Facebook profile how she was not allowed to meet him even after repeated pleas to the State, how she had to know from his lawyer that Akhil has tested positive. She further added that Akhil has been less immune to mere diseases like fever and cold while expressing her concern on the way he will be taken care of after being tested positive.

Bhadoi News, a local news portal of Assam has reported that the mother of Bittu Sonowal is worried as he is having asthmatic problems since his childhood.

The State which failed to control community transmission in an opaque venue directly under their jurisdiction, claims that lockdown is a measure to prevent community transmission.

Varavara Rao, a revolutionary poet, and an academician had been complaining of his bad health for months now. He is incarcerated by Maharashtra Government under alleged charges of his link with Maoists in the Bhima Koregaon case. He is admitted yesterday owing to his deteriorating health. His family has alleged the state for conspiring to murder him. They had been demanding proper medical facilities for him since long. They said that in his last phone call he was talking bizarrely, a trait very uncommon with him.

Maaysha, daughter of Sudha Bharadwaj, another with alleged Maoists link incarcerated by the Maharashtra Government had written a public letter where she had stated how her mother, a crusader of tribal rights has been framed by the State to have links with a banned organization.

Mahesh Raut, another alleged in links with Maoists is facing incarceration for more than two years without trial. His sister had written an open letter where she had said how passionate he is in working for the downtrodden. Even his aide, a Sarpanch of Gadhchiroli district had claimed how Mahesh is a firm supporter of the Constitution of this land.

Why am I quoting these personal accounts? It is because being a supporter of a democratic revolution, I see a large fraction of the society repudiating to these narratives. They are ‘Panic Privileged Upper Middle Class’ tipsy in the opium of Hindutva supplied by this BJP-Sangh Parivar. They easily buy the fake narratives given by the Supreme Chowkidar of the State, the paid media and the designated IT Cell appointed by the Chowkidar to sell his anti-people and pro-capitalist policies.

It is high time when an inclusive public dialogue is conducted by the progressive fraternity of the country. In a democracy, if the State gets fascist, citizens look up to the Judiciary. But the Judiciary had already clad saffron attire, even after repeated complains about the deteriorating health of the incarcerated activists, the Judiciary deliberately ignored all the pleas, did not initiate a single suo-moto writ against the State and rather went ahead to smear their hands with the blood of democracy, all these when the Chief Justice of India was busy riding a luxury brand of motorbike.

The democracy, the Constitution, and the people of this country are in grave danger and only a democratic revolution by organizing masses to overthrow this fascist government is the way to achieve liberation.

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Peasant leader Akhil Gogoi reportedly tests COVID+VE


Guwahati: KMSS leader Akhil Gogoi reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. Previously his two aides SMSS leader Bittu Sonowal and KMSS secretary Dharjya Konwar tested positive.

Bittu Sonowal and Dharjya Konwar have tested COVID-19 positive while the test result of Akhil Gogoi was awaited. Both of them were incarcerated along with Akhil Gogoi at Gauhati Central Jail.

However, the Assam Government has not made any announcement regarding Akhil Gogoi's test result coming positive.

Notably, there were several news reports regarding the deteriorating health conditions of the trio recently, which created an uproar among certain quarters in the state. Continued protests resulted in the authorities to conduct test on them.

It may be mentioned that the Gauhati Central Jail was declared as a containment zone after an inmate tested positive a month back.

On the other hand, Santanu Barthakur (Advocate) legal counsel to Akhil Gogoi informed the media that a bail application would be moved seeking the release of Gogoi.

On May 29, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) had filed the charge-sheet against Gogoi and his three associates for alleged sedition and terror activities for their role in violent protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act that rocked Assam in December last year.

Meanwhile, a social media campaign began on Thursday seeking Gogoi’s release.

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