Assam Tops List of women Guzzlers Among Indian States

Guwahati: 26.3 percent of women and 59.4 percent of men between 15-54 years of age consume alcohol in Assam, reveals the latest Health and Family Welfare Statistics (HFWS) in India.

Further women in Assam have been ranked highest in terms of consuming alcohol as per the report prepared by the Health and Family Welfare Statistics in India for the year 2019-20.

The women from Assam in the age category of 15 to 29 topped the list of alcohol consumers in the category at 26.3%. The national average was calculated at 1.2%.

Nagaland, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, and Karnataka are the states with the lowest percentage of women who consume alcohol at 0.1%.

Assam men also occupied the top 10 positions in the 15 to 49 age category with 35.6%. The national average is 29.2% with Tripura being the highest with 57.6%.

As for the 15 to 54 age group, Assam men topped with 59.4% with the national average being 29.5%.

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Alcoholism: Gulping in the Society

By Rishika Dubey

Drawing the line between alcohol use and alcohol abuse isn’t everyone's cup of tea. Alcoholism also is known as Alcohol Use Disorder is pretty common for ages. The only difference! People weren't educated about sheer addiction back then.

Alcoholic beverages are used to relax and distress commonly but in cases where the critical level is reached, alcoholism starts to overrule. On top of it, there are many cases where people stay in denial about their addiction until and unless it ruins them in and out, both physically but psychologically. The entire lifestyle of that particular person is disturbed and chaos that happens in family and incompetence in the profession is unfamiliar to none. The drinker often turns out to be a matter of concern for family and friends. The acceleration in the rate of domestic violence, following this is an example known to all. Statistics say that around 55% of people who are practicing domestic violence are binge drinkers. Moreover, settled families tend to shatter even if only one of the members is involved in alcoholism. Divorces are a very common result which in turn plays a major role in setting a bad example for the generation next. There is no lack of examples of children suffering for their parents' unwanted addiction.

Also, how it drags down riches to rags, within a blink of the eye can't be avoided.

The tag of 'coolness' that comes along with also drags underage kids and youth into the pit. Slowly and gradually, they turn alcoholic without having and idea of it. According to some surveys, 10% of all underage people, ranging from age 12-17 and 19.7% of people ranging from 12-20 years in a span of 30 days are drinkers.

This affects their mental and physical stability in adverse amount and also leads to life-threatening diseases and pre-aged death.

Also, normalizing binge drinking and alcoholism on shows and movies are having an unimaginable impact on the youth, not just the youth, to be honest.

Falling into this web is practically way to easy for there are thousands of examples to lure you around.

Alcohol changes serotonin level and this leads to anxiety, depression, and stress and the irony here? Alcohol is used as an excuse to run from these issues. There also starts a tendency to drink in such panic situation, whatsoever, and people start finding an excuse to get drunk and this makes them fall for alcoholism, their system do not permit them to give up on their habit and at times they aren't even able to function. Umpteenth numbers of crimes are also committed under the excessive influence of alcoholic drinks. Loss of personality traits is commonly observed too.

The concept of will power is a myth once you fall in the pit, cause there's a certain effect of the beverage on your brain that won't let you stop and the binge drinkers tend to behave abnormally if kept away from a long time without medical help.

The recent openings of alcohol shops in the midst of the lockdown are the biggest example that can be cited. The crowd of the people making beeline standing outside is going viral on the internet and TV.

Yet, if you want to help yourself or your near and dear ones and want them to live a healthy life, here are a few websites you can reach for help:,,

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