Ambubachi Mahayog to be held without devotees this year

Guwahati: Amidst the outbreak of Pandemic COVID 19, the Kamakhya Devalaya Management Committee announced the closure of Devalaya for all types of devotees from March 20, 2020 onwards.

Like every year, this year too Ambubachi Mahayog will be held at Devalaya from June 22 to 26, 2020. Timing of Ambubachi Prabritti on June 22, 2020 Monday at 7.53 am and Nibritti on June 25, 2020, Thursday at 8.16 pm. But, due to the adverse situation caused by the outbreak of the Pandemic COVID 19, only the rituals will be performed in the Devalaya.

Unlike previous years, this year the devotees, sadhus and sanyasis will not be allowed to enter Kamakhya Devalaya or the nearby places. Further, all the entrances to Kamakhya will be closed to prevent anyone from climbing up.

During the Ambubachi Mahayog, 2020 Social Organisation/Group will not be allowed to set up camps, stalls, advertise, put up banners and distribute food, informed Devalaya Management Committee.

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