Fact-checkers conclude Beirut explosion was not nuclear blast

Lebanon’s prime minister cites ammonium nitrate stored in the warehouse as the cause

Guwahati: Citing experts, fact-checkers at Vice and Lead Stories have concluded on Wednesday that the explosion in Beirut was not a nuclear blast. The Lebanese prime minister says ammonium nitrate was the likely cause after 2,750 tons was “left unsecured for six years in a warehouse.”

What you need to know

- The explosion in Beirut was not a nuclear blast, fact-checkers and experts say

- Lead Stories and Vice concluded that based on information released by Lebanese officials, the explosion was likely caused by ammonium nitrate stored in a building

- Lebanon’s prime minister cited 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate left in a warehouse for six years as the likely cause

- The cause of the explosion is under investigation

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