Amnesty International closes its operations in India

Guwahati: Amnesty International has closed its operations in India officially today.

As per reports, the Indian Government has frozen the bank accounts of this organization on 10th September.

After struggling to make the ends meet, the organization had to shut its operations.

The winding down of the India operations is expected to result in close to 150 employees losing their jobs.

Amnesty International is a Nobel Prize awarded organization and has been a crusader for human rights across the world. In India, it was at the forefront while asking the present BJP government answers about its decision of abrogation of Article 370 and Delhi violence. It has also launched an international campaign for the release of all the Bhima Koregaon prisoners.

In its Twitter handle the organization informed that they were harassed by the BJP Government continuously for the last two years. Finally, they had to close their operations.

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