Himanta questions intellectuals' silence over Ajmal's use of 'Arabic Banner'

Guwahati: State Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma expressed his annoyance over AIUDF supremo Maulana Badruddin Ajmal for using an 'Arabic Banner' in place of the Assamese in a programme at Goalpara on last Wednesday.

Lashing out at the intellectuals for remaining silent on the issue, he said they have surrendered before the Arabic language. “Why none of the state intellectuals came out to protest on the matter?” Himanta questioned.

“There is a political conspiracy going on to create a dispute among our own people of the state, thus, these people have been abruptly taking away our political rights from our own hands,” added Himanta.

“We are heading towards a situation, where after 10 years, Badruddin Ajmal will be in the seat of Chief Minister of the state and decide how the state will run if we don’t want to see that day to come, we the 65% of the people will have to be under one umbrella to stop these 35% people from taking away our political rights,” Himanta added further.

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