Artificial Highlands Inside KNP Don’t Deliver In Long Run: Wildlife Experts

GUWAHATI: Wildlife experts have expressed the view that artificial highlands built inside the Kaziranga National Park fail to deliver in the long run. The highlands are built inside the park for wild animals to take refuge during floods that hit the park every year.

Conservationists and experts have made this observation in the wake of approval of Rs 12.5 crore by the Centre to the Assam government for constriction of 32-km long artificial highlands inside the park.

The observations come after the Centre approved Rs 12.5 crore to the Assam government for constructing a 32-km artificial highlands inside the KNP for shelter of animals during floods.

While presently KNP is severely hit by the present wave of flood, as many as 125 animals, including 12 rhinos have died as per sources in KNP. Last year, floods took a toll of over 300 animals, including more than 20 rhinos, inside the park.

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