SDO (Civil), Kajalgaon, Chirang held for taking bribe of Rs 20,000


Guwahati: The SDO (Civil), Kajalgaon, Chirang District has been arrested after being caught red-handed by the Assam ACB Team led by  Supdt of Police Y. T. Gyatso, IPS, on charges of accepting illegal gratification of an amount of Rs. 20,000 from complainant Dhananjay Barman Of Dist-Chirang (BTAD).

The accused had demanded a bribe of Rs. 1 lakh from the complainant to give a favourable order in favour of Dhananjay Barman and his wife in matters relating to the case registered at Sidli PS relating to a Samaboy Samiti. However, after negotiation, he settled the bribe money at Rs.20,000/- to allow the complainant to continue the dealership under Sidli Samabay Samittee running by his wife namely Sabita Barman.

Thus the complainant had approached the ACB PS in the Directorate of Vigilance & Anti Corruption, Assam and after enquiry into the allegation; a Trap was laid down as per standard procedure in matter of ACB PS Case No. 05/2020 U/S 7(a) of prevention of corruption Act.

Today as per the fixed date for delivering bribe, while the complainant proceeded to the chamber of the accused person at about 2:30 pm, in the office of deputy commissioner Chirang, the accused officer asked him to hand over the money to his driver Sushanta Roy Chowdhury and thereafter the complainant handed over the money to the driver in the chamber of SDO civil. Immediately thereafter the accused along with his driver left the DC office for his residence.

Due to the sudden development, the ACB team, on learning of the departure of accused, immediately chased the accused public servant to his residence and found him in his residence. Immediately the hand wash of the accused person was taken and the hand wash turned pink, indicating that the accused person had accepted the currency notes meant as a bribe.

The private civil driver Sushanta Roy Chowdhury was also called for questioning and his hand wash was also taken which turned pink indicating that he too had handled the bribe money which was handed over to him by the complainant as per the instruction of accused public servant. The envelope in which the bribe money had been kept was recovered on being indicated by the driver, in a torn condition, from the roadside leading from the DC office to the residence of SDO civil located, in BRPL campus.

On further questioning, the driver confessed that he had concealed the money at his own residence and later in the evening the police team recovered the bribe money of 20000/- from the residence of the driver which has been seized in presence of witnesses. both the driver and the SDO civil have been arrested in this case connection.

The arrested accused Public Servant Jayant Sarkar and his civil driver   Sushanta Roy Chowdhury will be forwarded to the Special Court at Guwahati tomorrow. Due procedures are being observed.