Help Earth Member Rupankar Bhattacharjee invents folding Japi, creates state record

Guwahati: Meet Rupankar Bhattacharjee, a member of Help Earth, an NGO working for biodiversity conservation in North East India and the proprietor of Earth Craft, a craft studio and merchandise centre has bought laurel to Assam with his innovative design of folding Japi.

His creative invention has been recognized by the prestigious Assam Book of Records.

This uniquely designed Japi can be folded up to half the size,  unfolded with least efforts and can easily fit into luggage without any damage thereby making it easy for the tourist to take away a standard size Japi comfortably.

Today, this quintessential farmer's hat is globally recognized and is a famed decorative souvenir from Assam. But despite its recognition, the original 'large' size of a Japi brings hindrance in its mobility which inturn restricts its global reach. Hence in order to make this esteemed cultural icon easily portable and attain a better anticipated global outreach, Rupankar Bhattacharjee designed the concept of a mobile, folding Japi.

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