To Hell With Lynching

(One with surname Goswami labelled as Pak terrorist, nearly lynched)

Over the years incidents death on caused by Lynching has been on the rise. Quite often the culprits involved in such gruesome murder apparently have no criminal records and are carried away by impulse or frenzy of the moment.

On the evening of August 28, 2019 one with surname Goswami (Name Withheld) was almost lynched by a mob of apparently educated looking commoners in the heart of Jaipur.

The mob that began with just two persons and finally swelled to 15-20 persons refused to accept his Hindu name. Because of his long beard they took him as a Muslim and that too a Pakistani terrorist. They subjected him to various tests and finally refused to accept that he was not Muslim.

Taking him to be a Pakistani Terrorist the mob took to beating him most brutally. Some even held him to be a resident from Kashmir.

He was helpless and was anxiously waiting for the police to come and rescue him. All of this was happening under the surveillance of CCTV cameras installed in the restaurant where he was beaten up black and blue.

Meanwhile, someone informed the police. The police arrived and took him to Karni Vihar Police Station in Jaipur (West). The police also treated him like the mob. Without giving him the opportunity to put forward his case, the Officer In-Charge of the police station took to hitting him while refusing to have a look at his passport. All of this was happening in the presence of the men who were the part of the mob that attacked him.

A First Information Report (FIR) was filed against me under CrPC 107 against him and he was thrashed and forced to sign it. He constantly requested the police to inform his office authorities about his detention, but they paid no heed. Around 11 pm he was put into the lock-up.

He was constantly requesting them to let my office authorities know about his detention, a plea that they plainly denied. He was stripped off his clothes and was lodged thrown into the lock-up at around 11 PM on the night of 28 August, 2019. His request since dawn to contact my office was refused till 4 pm.

While his production at the CJM’s court was slated after 4 pm, a constable allowed him to contact his office over phone.

He was produced at the CJM court. The CJM plainly announced a sentence, without giving him a chance to produce his side of the story. But then the policemen who accompanied me received a call, and along with it, an order to produce him at the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), West Jaipur.

Upon reaching the DCP’s office, he came to know that the Director General of Police (DGP) had assigned a team for his rescue. He was taken to the venue by the DCP, CCTV footage was collected and the perpetrators were apprehended based on an FIR lodged by him. Section 323, 341, 143, and 67A of the IPC are slapped.

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