Provincialisation of educational institutions re-initiated under BJP govt: Himanta

Guwahati: The process of provincialisation of educational institutions in the state has been re-initiated,  stated minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Tuesday evening.

Taking to Twitter this evening, Himanta said, “After I left Government in 2014, the Provincialisation of educational institutions had come to a halt. Today we have initiated the process again.”

Himanta also informed that around 197 High Schools have been Provincialised, 9 Higher Secondary Schools provincialized, 149 Senior Secondary Schools or junior colleges across Assam has been provincialized, thus, a total of 355 educational institutions under the Directorate of Secondary Education has been provincialized by the Government of Assam.

Under the Directorate of Higher Education, 27 new colleges have been provincialized across Assam, Himanta stated.

Furthermore, provincialisation of a total of 3,980 teachers posts under the directorates of higher education and secondary education has also been announced by the GoA.

The total posts of teachers, provincialized by the Assam government after 6 long years, include 3,049 posts under the directorate of secondary education and 931 posts under the directorate of higher education.

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