Woman attacked with acid in Dibrugarh town

A 34-year old woman in Dibrugarh was allegedly attacked with acid by a miscreant near ‘Natya Mandir’ in Amlapatty area on Sunday.

Two suspects have been arrested by Dibrugarh police in connection to the matter.

Speaking to the media, a lady informed that the victim lady was on her way back home when a miscreant attacked her with acid.

As per the preliminary investigation, the miscreant allegedly fell in love with the victim lady and approached her for marriage for the last couple of years. Despite the fact that the lady was not interested in his marriage proposal, he kept on following her during her office hours, thus, harassing her in the midst of the Dibrugarh town every day.

Following the incident, she was rushed to Assam Medical College Hospital (AMCH) for better medication. She is reported to be a resident of Joypur in Naharkatia.

This is a developing story.

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Woman refused hospital admission for not carrying COVID report, Dies

Family members blame hospital managements and GoA for her death

Tinsukia: In a tragic incident, a mother of a 5 months old baby passed away due to alleged carelessness of the hospital management on August 20 in Dibrugarh.

As per a Facebook post by one of the relatives, she was unwell on August 19 following a severe headache and vomiting. She was reportedly admitted to a nearby Civil Hospital and was provided saline and injections, however, due to her deteriorating health condition she was taken to a private nursing home.

The doctors after examining her found that she had a pressure stroke and referred her to RC Agarwala Memorial Hospital in Tinsukia for better treatment.

Accordingly, she was taken to the referred hospital, but, the hospital management at the RC Agarwala Memorial Hospital allegedly asked them to step back as they were not carrying the COVID-19 report of the patient along with them.

The family members kept looking for a hospital in the district, but shockingly, found none.

Looking for no other options, they planned to move nearby district Dibrugarh, but, not a single hospital was ready to admit her in the midst of their crisis situation.

She was then taken to Assam Medical College Hospital (AMCH) at around 4 am in the morning.

After doing all the formalities, she was shifted to a general ward and was given saline and oxygen, but due to her deteriorating health condition, the family members of the patient demanded ICU, to which the management at the AMCH allegedly replied, “ICU beds are presently reserved for only COVID patients, other patients will have to be monitored here”.

In the morning hours, the family members of the patient decided to shift her to Brahmaputra Hospital in Dibrugarh. The management of the hospital demanded COVID-19 report of the patient and accordingly, her Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) for COVID-19 was done, she was tested negative, but, they were kept them waiting outside the hospital for more than an hour.

After several hours, the management of the hospital stated that they can’t accept the RAT reports for COVID-19 as they show invalid results, rather, they demanded an RT-PCR report of the patient.

The family members now headed to a few more private hospitals in the city, but the result was the same, the management of the hospitals demanded an RT-PCR test of the patient for COVID-19.

Finally, Sanjivini Hospital in Dibrugarh decided to shift her in their medical ward, prior to a condition that they will have to re-do her COVID test before admitting her, hence, the management asked them to deposit an amount of Rs 6000 at the counter.

It may be mentioned that after all this, she was admitted to the hospital with a hope that she will recover, but due to her health issues, she later succumbed to her illness as no doctors were ready to treat her.

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Digboi reports its first death due to COVID-19

Inputs: Partha Sarathi Dutta

Digboi: Digboi Township reported its first COVID death on Tuesday evening.

The person identified as Badal Debnath has reportedly succumbed to COVID-19 at around 3 pm this evening.

He was admitted to Assam Medical College Hospital (AMCH) four days back, informed sources.

Badal Debnath was a resident of Digboi Mission Para. He was also an established businessman and former RSS Convener for Tinsukia District Unit.

Badal is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Meanwhile, the incident has sparked a sensation in the entire Digboi town.

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