Bodoland People’s Front joins, Congress led Grand Alliance

The Hagrama Mohillary-led Bodoland People’s Front on Sunday joined the Congress-led Grand Alliance in Guwahati.

Addressing, the Grand Alliance Press Conference, President, APCC, Ripun Bora, welcomed Chairperson, Bodoland People’s Front, Hagrama Mohilary to the Mahajot and iterated, the importance of an inclusive alliance to the Press, affirming, “The Congress Mahajot has increased its strength as our old friends, the Bodoland People’s Front join us. Assam’s destiny is about to change for the better. Many tributaries join together to make a strong river and the Congress-led Mahajot gets one more partner, the BPF, adding to the AGM, AIUDF, CPI, CPI (M), and the CPI (ML). The Asom Basaon Ahok Yatra, has had such a massive impact across the state that our friends, the Bodoland People’s Front, could see which way the wind is blowing. Congress is coming and we are proud to partner with the BPF. We will aim to go faster, stronger, higher! For Assam, for the people - Congress is coming to power on 2nd May 2021. In every corner of Assam, trust means Congress and we are grateful for the renewed faith Hagrama Mohillary has shown in the Congress.”

The BPF has in the past tried to assert the integrity of the indigenous land, only to be let down by the Ruling Government, stated Congress in a press statement.

The BPF has maintained its stronghold in the Bodoland Territorial Region which won 12 seats in the 2016 Assembly Elections. For the 2021 elections, the BPF can clearly see the wind blowing in Congress’ direction and believes that for the betterment of the people of Bodoland, they must be a part of the winning alliance, the press statement claimed.

Chairperson, Bodoland People’s Front, Hagrama Mohilary, firmly declared to the Press, “The people of Assam are struggling with rampant inflation and mass unemployment, along with which, the insensitive BJP government is imposing the anti-people CAA law. The people are so fed up that they are chanting ‘Assam Bachao’. For these reasons I too, believe, that Congress can give Assam better governance. The BPF has joined the Congress-led Mahajot, because there was a demand for it, from the people of Bodoland. The people can see the BJP has become unpopular and is being routed this election. The Mahajot is coming to power and the BPF, with them. We have seen public sentiment across Assam, change in favour of Congress, over the last few weeks. Securing the best for the people of Bodoland, need the BPF to be part of the winning alliance.”

Secretary AICC, Anirudh Singh firmly said, “The idea of the Mahajot is to represent the diversity of Assam, and the Congress welcomes BPF in this mission. United we stand,as the BPF joins the Congress-led Mahajot, the aspirations of the people of Assam are about to find voice and shape in the form of a Mahajot Government. The Bodoland People’s Front also agrees, the best party to lead the state, to maintain peace and bring prosperity, is the Congress. When we said the Congress is going to win 101 seats, people said we don’t even have a Bodo ally. Now we do, and Assam’s destiny is about to change for the better. The AICC warmly welcomes HagramaMohilary to the Mahajot.”

All members of the Congress-led Grand Alliance were present at the Press Conference.

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Assam Congress launches state-wide agitation against BJP’s Petrol Tax Loot

Providing stellar momentum to its state-wide campaign, the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee on Sunday, launched agitations across all districts to protest against the stupendous petrol price hike.

Displaying phenomenal co-ordination, top Congress leaders including former Union Minister and AICC General Secretary Mukul Wasnik, APCC Chief Ripun Bora, Campaign Committee Chairman Pradyut Bordoloi, Manifesto Committee Chairman Gaurav Gogoi, CLP leader Debabrata Saikia, Publicity Committee Chairman Rakibul Hussain and All India Mahila Congress President Sushmita Dev led the protests from different districts across the State.

“The base price of petrol is Rs 33.46 per litre and that of diesel is Rs 31.82 per litre. However, the common man is forced to pay Rs 87 per litre for petrol and Rs 82 per litre for diesel in Assam. The BJP is simply looting the people at the name of taxes,” said Ripun Bora while addressing the protests in Hojai.

“Why is the BJP Govt hiding the knowledge of price control policies for price rise from the public? Why not come out clean and let people know why are decisions being enforced on them?” Bora asked in a Tweet.

Pradyut Bordoloi also took pot-shots at the Sonowal government that increased the price of Petrol and Diesel disproportionately in Assam.

“I would simply like to ask BJP Govt- on what basis does it decide the petroleum prices every day? What is the explanation for subjecting people of Assam to this cruelty,” asked Bordoloi, in his Tweet.

“BJP Govt is mercilessly looting the public with hiked fuel prices- especially during a raging pandemic! On behalf of the people of Assam, I want to ask why this hike in petrol & diesel prices when international crude oil prices are low,” said Gogoi in his Tweet.

“The common man is burdened by price rise, so will the BJP Govt clarify whom it is busy levying tax for? Who is this govt favouring at the expense of making people suffer so much,” asked Debabrata Saikia in a tweet.

“My straightforward question to BJP Govt is- why this apathetic attitude specifically towards Assam & other north east states, where fuel prices are higher compared to other parts of the country! Why this step motherly treatment towards us,” asked Publicity Committee Chairman Rakibul Hussain while addressing the protest.

“The so called 'double engine' BJP Govts are fooling the people of Assam. Reducing Rs 5 on Petrol-Diesel just before elections in Assam is a hoax! Reality is the Modi Govt at the Centre has increased tax to favour their Corporate friends,” said Sushmita Dev, while addressing the protest.

The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee, while expressing their concerns, questioned the incumbent Party as to, why it is not providing relief to consumers and rapidly increasing excise duty, why are facts of BJP’s economic policies in the State, not made transparent to the public?

“First BJP inflicts abject price rise on the people of Assam, then continues to hike fuel prices to deepen the blow- is this remotely worthy of being called governance? Why is BJP torturing the common man so bluntly,” asked Media and Communication Chief Abdul Khaleque in a tweet.

Expressing solidarity with the Congress-led agitations, the common people also raised placards with thematic coherence throughout the state. The people questioned the BJP about its indifference towards the plight of the people, adding to their abject misery under the saffron rule.

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Double-Engine Government turns out to be Double CM government: Congress

"From promise of 15 Lakhs per head to reality of 33 Paise per head"

"A Complete Mismanagement of Assam"

While the BJP has been boasting of close coordination between the Central and the state government over the development efforts in Assam, the reality is completely different. The so-called double-engine government turned out to be a double-CM government with both moving in opposite directions, the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee claimed in a press statement.

The press statement undersigned by Prof. Gourav Vallabh, Spokesperson AICC, Abdul Khaleque MP, Bobbeeta Sharma, Chairperson, Media Dept Assam PCC alleged that the BJP government has grossly mismanaged the social, economic and public governance in the state. “What started as a vision document full of promises that they were never committed to fulfill, their leaders have over the last few weeks, resorted to lies and deceit to whitewash their actions of mis-governance and paint a fair picture of their inactions. To top their inactions, they have throughout the last 5 years used the communal divide as a tool to polarize the voters of Assam. Assam, which is a land of Srimanta Sankardeva who propagated an inclusive society, the BJP has been working overtime to destroy the social fabric of Assam.”

APCC also claimed that both the Centre and state have been incapable, incompetent and indifferent towards the plight of the Assamese people and all efforts have only been directed towards photo-ops.

The BJP has led the state into decline in all Key development indicators, here's a report by the APCC

Infrastructure Development: The BJP government has not only been completely indifferent towards building an infrastructure to withstand damage against natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. Close to 1 Crore people in the state were devastated by the rampaging floods in 2020, the BJP leaders were all caught in hiding. No work towards infrastructure development has been coupled with peanuts released as Flood Relief funds. With elections approaching,

Industries: It took the BJP government 2 years to come up with a shoddy Industrial development scheme: THE North East Industrial Development Scheme (NEIDS) that doesn’t even propose an exclusive industrial policy for the North-East. This again, was for phot-ops, with the policy lacking thought and impact.

As per the 227th Report of the Department-Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs, only 33 paise per capita was allocated for Assam in 2019-20 (Rs.1 crore in total) under the North East Industrial Development Scheme and during 2019, Assam accounted for only 0.73 percent of the large industrial units established in the country

Out of 36 states and UTs combined, Assam ranked 20th in the Business Reform Action Plan Results 2019 indicating no concrete reforms initiated by the Assam BJP government

Employment Generation: As per CMIE data, the unemployment rate in Assam in December 2020 was 7.6%, higher than the national unemployment rate of 6.5%. This is a result of negligence on the part of the BJP government in the last 5 years. No tailored policy push for North-east, no incentives for industries to set shops has led to complete paralysis in the employment generation process

Public Health: Against the promise of 9 new medical colleges, one high-tech 500 bed hospital in every district, the BJP government has deceived the Assamese people with a foundation laying ceremony happening a month before the elections. OROF reports suggest that there is a 50% shortage of community health centers in Assam. Shortage of trained medical manpower and poor state of healthcare facilities indicate complete neglect in the last 5 years

Education: The BJP government not only failed to deliver on its promise of setting up 30 ITIs and an IIM, but it has also led the state into a decline. NITI Aayog has recently released the India Innovation Index 2020. Out of 27 States and 9 UTs, Assam is ranked 29th. This speaks of the State's overall pathetic performance in education – especially higher education and research - science and technology sector, industrial and employment sector

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Rahul Gandhi reaches Guwahati to pay tribute to Tarun Gogoi

Guwahati: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reached Guwahati, he will be paying his final homage to former Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi at Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra in Guwahati.

Gandhi will be heading to Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra from LGBI Airport.

After paying tribute to the Former Chief Minister of Assam, Rahul will head back to New Delhi.

Update: Rahul Gandhi addressing the media said, “He was not just a Chief Minister of Assam, he was a National Hero. He inspired us by bringing the state of Assam together, he did a great job for Assam and India, he was my teacher and guru, he explained about Assam to me like nobody else. This is a personal loss for me, we shared a very good space. Talking to him was like talking to Assam.”

It is to be noted that former Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi passed away on Monday evening at Gauhati Medical College Hospital.

He was suffering from multi-organ dysfunction.

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Tarun Gogoi’s demise: Assam observes ‘State Mourning’ for three days

Guwahati: The State Government of Assam expressed its profound sorrow at the sad demise of former Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi, accordingly, declared 'State Mourning' for 3 days from November 24, 2020.

As per a notification, during this period the national flag will be flown at half-mast where it is regularly flown and there will be no public entertainment.

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Mortal Remains of Tarun Gogoi to be Kept at Kalakshetra for 2 Days

The mortal remains of Congress stalwart Tarun Gogoi will be kept at Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra from Tuesday evening to Wednesday.

Currently the mortal remains of former three-time Assam chief minister will be kept at Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH).

Speaking to media, Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president Ripun Bora said, “The mortal remains of former chief minister Tarun Gogoi will be kept at GMCH tonight. His mortal remains will be taken out from the hospital at 9 am tomorrow.”

Then the former chief minister’s body will be taken to his official residence at Dispur, then Janata Bhawan from where it will be taken to Rajiv Bhawan.

At Rajiv Bhawan, the party leaders and workers will pay tribute to their departed leader and at 4 pm on Tuesday, Gogoi’s mortal remains will be taken to Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra.

The mortal remains of Gogoi will be kept in the premises of Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra in Guwahati from Tuesday evening to Wednesday so that the people of the state and his well-wishers can pay their last respect towards the former chief minister.

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MP Ripun Bora Denied Accommodation at Dibrugarh Circuit House; Writes to CM Sonowal

Dibrugarh: Rajya Sabha MP from Assam and Assam Pradesh Congress Committee President Ripun Bora in a letter to the Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal expressed his grievances over not allowing him the Circuit House Accommodation in Dibrugarh recently.

He also alleged that the CM Sonowal-led ruling Government had misused the Government power by denying accommodation to an entitled public representative.

The letter reads, “As you know in the existing rules of the GAD in the matter of allotment accommodation in the govt. Circuit Houses, as per order of preference the Member of Parliament is entitled Circuit House accommodation on priority basis. But, I approached District Administration Dibrugarh to provide me circuit house accommodation for 30th, 31st October, 2020 and 1st November, 2020. But the Deputy Commissioner’s Office expressed their inability to provide me accommodation in the Circuit House on the ground that Chief Minister is in Dibrugarh Circuit House during this period. It is very unfortunate that despite having two blocks in the circuit house, Dibrugarh with sufficient rooms, your administration denied me accommodation on the plea that you are staying in the circuit house during this period.”

“Do you think that a Member of Parliament can be security threat to you for which he is not allowed circuit house accommodation?” Bora questioned.

He further stated that providing accommodation to a Member of Parliament in the Circuit House will not hamper any way the comfort of the Chief Minister in the event the stay of the MP and Chief Minister in the Circuit House coincides.

“It is really undemocratic, misuse of Govt. power. As you know Circuit house is the property of the Govt. it should not be used as a property of the ruling Party, as your administration have showed the example by denying Circuit House accommodation to a Member of Parliament,” he added expressing his disappointment.

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Congress expels MLA Rajdeep Gowala and ex-MLA Rumi Nath for anti party activities

Guwahati: Based on a complaint of BCC President Salchapra, BCC President Borkhola, Head of Frontal Organisations of the Salchapra and Borkhola BCC and some other prominent Congress Workers from Borkhola LAC and DCC President Cachar regarding anti-party activity of Dr. Rumi Nath, Ex-MLA Borkhola LAC, a show cause letter was issued to Dr. Rumi Nath to show cause as to why disciplinary action not to be taken against her for her very serious anti party activity of hobnobbing with BJP.

In the expulsion letter by Ranjan Bora, General Secretary, APCC has informed that Rumi Nath’s reply to the show cause letter was found not at all satisfactory.

Moreover, her reply to deny the charges is not at all sufficient to substantiate her claim. As such Ripun Bora, MP, President, APCC has approved the expulsion of Dr. Rumi Nath, Ex-MLA from the Primary Membership of Indian National Congress for six (6) years for her gross anti-party activities. This has come into force with immediate effect.

In another instance, All India Congress Committee has also approved the proposal of the expulsion of MLA Rajdeep Gowala for the term of six years.

He was allegedly indulging in anti-party activities, stated KC Venugopal, General Secretary, All India Congress Committee.

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Former Assam CM Tarun Gogoi tests positive for COVID-19, Tweets

Guwahati: Former Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday evening.

Informing about his health condition, Gogoi took to Twitter saying, "I have been tested Covid 19 positive yesterday. People who came in contact with me during Last few days they should go for Covid test immediately."

Sources also informed that Ex-CM Tarun Gogoi is out of danger and is recovering well.

It is to be noted that so far 94,592 COVID positive cases have been reported in Assam, of which 74,814 patients have been discharged and 19,515 are active with 260 deaths.

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Boost for Assam Congress as 38 artistes join party ahead of 2021 polls

Famous Assamese singer Babu Baruah joins Assam Pradesh Congress

Guwahati: The Congress party has ramped up its political activities in Assam which is going for polls next year. Moving ahead with an aim to take BJP head-on in the upcoming Assembly elections, the party is working hard to strengthen its campaign.

In what can be called a boost to the Congress party, on Tuesday, at least 38 artistes from the state have officially joined the Indian National Congress (Assam) party in the presence of Nikhil Bharat Congress Committee, General Secretary Harish Rawat, Former Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi, APCC President Ripun Borah among others.

The artistes who have joined the Indian National Congress include famous singers Babu Baruah, Rekibul Hussain, Nekib, Ajay Phukan among others.

Earlier, more than 400 persons from different parties & organizations joined the Congress party (Assam) including Depen Pathak, Ex-MLA, K. K. Sharma, Retd. DGP, Faizul Hussain, Retd ACS officer & many others on last Thursday.

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