Population Control Law to be applicable for Government job candidates

No govt jobs for candidates with more than two children in Assam

Guwahati: Population Control Law will now come into force in Assam for candidates applying government jobs. This law was first implemented in the last Panchayat elections in Assam. Now government job applicants will come under the ambit of this law in the State.

A format of an affidavit has been attached with the advertisement issued for the recruitment of vacant posts in Assam Secretariat through which married male or female candidates will have to give details of their children.

Under the law, parents of more than two children cannot apply to those posts. The candidates must clearly specify that they do not have more than two children in an affidavit and must furnish details of children's names, age etc in the affidavit. Apart from this, the applicant will also have to mention that the Marriage Law of 2006 has not been violated.

The State Government decided to implement this law in jobs from January of this year and has started with the advertisement of vacant posts of the Assam Secretariat.

According to the information received from the sources, this law will be further applied for the jobs of all departments. This initiative of the government has been supported by the North-east Unit of Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation.

The Foundation has been demanding the introduction of a stringent population control law across the country to prevent population explosion. In order to secure the future of the natives and the next generation of the country, Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation - North-east India Chapter Chairman Sailendra Pandey, gave information about calling the Prime Minister's Office on a toll-free number to demand a stringent population control law across the country.

Important information on population control and size of some important countries:

The largest country in the world is Russia with a total area of 1 crore 71 million sq km and a population is around 14.5 million

Canada's total area is 99.84 lakh sq km and the population is around 37 million

United States of America has a total area of 98.26 lakh sq km and a population of around 33 crore

China’s total area is 95.96 lakh sq km and the population is around 143 crore

Brazil's total area is 85.14 lakh sq km and the population is around 21 crore

Australia's total area is 77.41 lakh sq km and the population is around 25 million

The list clearly shows that the above countries have more land area and comparatively smaller population. That in turn means a lesser density of population per sq km of land. Indeed it is this population control that has ensured development and progress in most of these countries.

However, it is unfortunate that India is witnessing population explosion. The reason being lack of any population control law in our country. If India is to move forward shoulder to shoulder with relatively advanced countries of the world, population control is vitally necessary. Population control will have the positive effect of reducing unemployment and cutting down poverty in the country.

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