Assam govt imposes night curfew; violations will lead to legal proceedings

Amid the second wave of Covid-19 and rapid increasing cases of Covid-19 in Assam, the Assam government announced a night curfew in the entire state from 8 PM to 5 AM till May 1 to contain the virus. However movement of people related to essential services, medical staff, and patients are exempted from the curfew. The one going for vaccination is also exempted from the curfew.

Following are the exemptions as mentioned in the notification by Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA)


  1. Officers / officials of Government of India/ Government of Assam, its autonomous/subordinate offices & Public Corporations involved in emergency services such as Health and Family Welfare and all related medical establishments. Police, Prisons, Home Guards, Civil Defence, Fire and emergency services. District Administration. Pay & Account Office. Electricity. Water and Sanitation. Public Transport (Air/Railways/Buses) including all incidental services/activities that are essential for smooth functioning of all modes of public transport ( such as handling of cargo, ticketing, air freight station, CFS, ICD etc.), Disaster Management and related services. NIC, NCC and Municipal services, and all other essential services on production of valid Identity card. The uninterrupted delivery of public services shall be ensured by the concerned departments/agencies.

  2. All Judicial officers/officials of courts of Assam on production of valid Identity card.
  3. All private medical personnel such as doctors, nursing staff, paramedical staff etc. and other hospital services (such as hospitals, diagnostic centres. clinics. pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and other medical & health services).
  4. Pregnant women and patients for getting medical /health services.
  5. Person coming from/going to Airports/Railway stations SBTs allowed to travel on production of valid ticket
  6. Officers/officials related to functioning of offices of Diplomats of various countries as well as persons holding any constitutional post on production of valid Identity card.
  7. Electronic and pant Media on production of valid Identity card
  8. There shall be no restriction on inter-state and intra-state movement/transportation of essential/non-essential goods. No separate permission / e-pass will be required for such movements
  9. Movement of persons related to commercial and private establishments providing following essential services/commodities shall be allowed.



The order also mentioned about legal proceedings for violation of night curfew as per provisions of Section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act 2005, besides legal action under Sec 188 of IPC and other legal provisions as applicable.

Election Commission bans victory processions on May 2

The Election Commission of India (ECI) on Tuesday banned all victory procession after the declaration of assembly election results. Assam, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, West Bengal and Kerala went for assembly election. Seeing the huge surge of Covid-19 cases; the Election Commission has come to this decision.

“No victory procession after the counting on 02.05.2021 shall be permissible. Not more than two persons shall be allowed to accompany the winning candidate or his/her authorized representative receives the certificate of election from the Returning Officer concerned,” ECI said in a letter to the Chief Electoral Officers.

“The commission has decided to make more stringent provision to be followed during the process of Counting, in addition to exiting Broad Guidelines dated 21st August, 2020.” ECI added.

Also ECI has faced flak from the Madras High Court yesterday over the violations of Covid-19 protocols during campaigning for the assembly election. The court rebuked the officials of ECI should be booked under murder charges for the second wave of Covid-19. The Court has blamed ECI solely for the second wave and had threatened them to come with a plan to enforce Covid-19 rules on May 2 or it might cancel the counting of votes.

BJP president J.P Nadda tweeted welcoming the decision. He wrote, “I welcome the decision of the ECI banning celebrations and processions of electoral victories. I have directed all state units of BJP to strictly adhere to this decision. All karykartas of BJP are using their energies to help the ones in need in this hour of crisis.”