Two-day cultural programme organized by Atrangi Mehfil underway

Guwahati: A two-day cultural and literature program organized by Atrangi Mahfil began yesterday.

The program started with Relationship Counseling in which Vinayak, a noted advisor was present as speaker.

He spoke on various aspects linking the relationship to spirituality. The session was moderated by Chinmayi Panda.

Rohit Adallakha a renowned photographer, who was present as the speaker in the second session, made people aware of the aspects of photography. He also told people how to do photography in the time of disaster. Session was moderated by Tanya Narayan.

In the third session, historian Vikramjit Singh Rooparai spoke on the subject of Beyond the Meaning of Your Name. He told the real purpose of people's lives while connecting with history. Not only this, Vikramjit also talked about mythology and texts. Samridhi Gour moderated the session.

In the fourth session, Amit Agarhari discussed literature with young writers Nikhil Chelu, Kirti Tripathi and JS Satyam. In today's time, how to print a book and what should be the specifics were also discussed in this session.

In the fifth session, the story by Kapil Pandey captivated everyone. He made people aware of this genre along with telling the story. The session was moderated by Nupur Kapoor.

The same day ended with a musical evening which was conducted by Amit Srivastava and Alisha Prusti. In which Madhav of Ta Music Association sung the Classical and Bollywood songs. At the same time, Vivek Shanti Vishal of Junoon-e-Mauski's organization along with Sargam Vaishya and Sandeep Kumar presented Shastri music and gazal.

Cultural heads Ayush Kapoor and Ujjwal Srivastava presented the outline of the next day's program. They said that the objective of the organization is to provide a platform for artists today. The country is fighting an epidemic today, there should be no distance from art and literature because of it. We will bring such programs even further through e-platform.

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