Atrangi Mehfil's two-day cultural and literary fest culminates

Guwahati: Two days of the festival organized by cultural and literary organization Atrangi Mahfil concluded today.

In the first session, Vibhas Singh Gautam spoke on creative writing. He made people aware of the art of writing stories and poems.

In the second session, the topic of Career in Photography was discussed by photographer Varun Jaiswal. He told that over time new professions have come in photography. Today there is a need to improve ourselves.

In the third session, Berlin-based historian Ms. Reema Singhal spoke about the forgotten women of Indian history. He said that the contribution of women was not less at the time of independence.

In the fourth session, a panel discussion was done on the topic " Building career through Experiential Learning". In which Seema Singh, Vani Rathore, Amar Singh, Neil Desai and Ananya Srivastava gave their views as speakers.

They discussed the need for experiential learning and various personality development aspects.

 The fifth session was an open mic in which poets and writers from across the country presented their poems and stories.

At the end, a musical evening was organized by Shiv Nandan, Ramneek Singh, Darshan Saurabh and Arjun Srivastava of A Blaze- the Band.

The vote of thanks was given by Ujjwal Srivastava. Different sessions were moderated by Alisha Prusty,  Tanya Narayan, Samridhi Gour, Chinmay Panda, Amit Agarhari and Nupur Kapoor. The program was organized by Ayush Kapoor and Ujjwal Srivastava.

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