Mech Kachari Members Press For Separate Autonomous Council For The Community

By Bijoy Sutradhar

Digboi: The Mech Kachari Community in Digboi on Monday vehemently criticized the CM Sonowal-led Assam Government for not providing an Autonomous Council to the Community.

Addressing a press conference at Digboi Sahitya Bhawan, Chandan Mech, President of Central Committee of Mech Kachari National Council claimed that the Mech Kacharis is one of the Scheduled Tribes of Assam whose diversity extends from Sadiya to Dhubri as well as Dimapur, Cooch Behar, Nepal etc, however, the ruling Central And State Governments didn’t pay any heed or any importance to the community.

The Mech Kacharis have been demanding for a long time for the establishment of a separate Autonomous for the community, but both the Government have failed in fulfilling their demands, alleged Chandan Mech.

The body challenging the Government of Assam further stated that if the Government fails to grant the Mech Kachari community an Autonomous Council before the Winter session, then the community will be bound to counter reply to the State Government ahead of the 2021 Assembly polls.

The meeting was attended by Chandan Mech, President of Central Committee of Mech Kachari National Council, Kamal Mech, Secretary, Dipali Mech, Central Chairperson of Mech Kachari Women's Council, Raju Mech, President of Tinsukia District Mech Kachari National Council.

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