Khalsa Aid Has Been Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize

The one piece of news that might bring joy to your heart today is that the Khalsa Aid, known for its wonderful humanitarian work  across the globe, has been recognised by literally everyone on this planet and has now been officially nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a Canadian MP named Tim Uppal.  The organization shared this ‘deeply humbling’ piece of update on their social media and thanked their volunteers for the constant support.

Khalsa Aid is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 1999 by Ravi Singh and has been providing help and aid in civil conflict & disaster prone zones across the globe for over two decades now.  The organisation has been instrumental in providing aid in India through every natural and man made calamity we've experienced in this country. Khalsa Aid is also the first ever cross-border international humanitarian organisation based on the Sikh principle of ' recognizing the whole human race as one'.  It is actually ironic that an organisation which has been globally recognised for its wonderful work was infact summoned by the NIA in ties with a recent case registered against the SFJ, an organisation known to support pro-Khalistani activities . It is actually strange that the Khalsa Aid has never been previously summoned in India for anything like this when its volunteers were tirelessly helping people during the floods, or for building roads or for literally helping people survive in areas which were disaster prone.


The founder of Khalsa Aid, Ravi Singh is a British resident and founded it with the simple idea of taking the Sikh concept of ‘langar’  across the globe and in the hope that helping each other instil humanity in people. In 2016, the BBC made a documentary on him titled

The Selfless Sikh, and it documented his journey to the north of Iraq where he helped the Yazidi families. While he has received many accolades and awards for his efforts, the Nobel Peace Prize will be the best award to honour the beautiful efforts of the Khalsa Aid. However, nothing tops the love, blessings and the good wishes that pour from the hearts of literally everyone in the world for them.


Inputs: MENSXP