Congress seeks blessings of Srimanta Sankardeva as party launched ‘Axom Basaon Ahok Jatra’

The Congress on Friday sounded the poll bugle in Assam by commencing ‘Axom Basaon Ahok’ (Let’s Save Assam) from Bordowa Thaan, the birthplace of Srimanta Sankardeva, the 15the century saint whose social reforms symbolizes the syncretic culture of Assamese society.

Lok Sabha MP and Congress Campaign Committee Chairman, Pradyut Bordoloi began his Yatra after paying his respects at the from Bordowa Thaan.

All India Congress Committee General Secretary Jitendra Singh, In charge Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) chief Ripun Bora, Congress Manifesto Committee Chairman Gaurav Gogoi, party’s Publicity Committee Chairman Rakibul Hussain and former minister Gautam Bora flagged off the Yatra.

“We will reach-out to every house hold through this yatra and appeal to every person to support Congress party to save Assam from being destroyed by the BJP and its cronies’. We will interact with diverse sections of the society to understand their issues and problems,” said Bordoloi while talking to reporters at Bordowa Thaan.

“The aim of this Yatra is to listen to every section of the society: poor, women, youth, unemployed and people from every walk of life. Many sections of the society are coming forward to share their issues and concerns with the Congress party through this Yatra,” said Jitendra Singh, the AICC General Secretary incharge for Assam.

“The BJP has failed on its 2016 promise to protect community, identity and honour of Assam. The Congress government under leadership of Tarun Gogoi had worked really hard to bring stability and peace in Assam. The BJP wants to push Assam into turbulence through their divisive agenda but we will not let it happen,” said APCC President Ripun Bora.

The problems being highlighted by people through this campaign will be used by party’s manifesto Committee headed by Kaliabor MP Gaurav Gogoi. Addressing the gathering at launch of Yatra, Gogoi asserted that all round development, the hallmark of Tarun Gogoi's tenure, will be back in the State as Congress forms the next government.

“The people of Assam have been put to torture by the BJP government on economic, sociological and environment front. We will listen to everyone through this yatra and ensure every section of the society is taken along the path of peace and prosperity again,” said Gaurav Gogoi.

Congress Legislature party leader Debabrata Saikia also launched the second Yatra from the historic town of Sivasagar, the seat of power of the glorious Ahoms. In the battle to reclaim Assamese culture and identity from the clutches of the BJP, the Congress Legislature Party leader started his journey from the Piyoli Phukan memorial, the legendary and heroic fighter who fought against British rule. Speaking to media, Saikia said the people of Assam will give a befitting reply to the BJP’s sectarian and communal politics

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Speaker of Assam Legislative Assembly acting as a BJP Agent: Congress

The Assam Congress condemned the withdrawal of Debabrata Saikia’s Leader of Opposition at the Assam Legislative Assembly status by Speaker of the House Hitendra Nath Goswami which is a clear political move just ahead of the state election.

The speaker of the ALA is acting as a BJP agent rather than the speaker of the house. While withdrawing the Leader of the Opposition status, he claimed that the number of the Congress MLAs in the house is not sufficient to be in opposition whereas it has been witnessed that many states in India have opposition which are less than 1/6th in number and still have a Leader of Opposition, informed Chairperson, Media Department, Assam Pradesh Congress Committee, Bobbeeta Sharma in a press statement.

She further stated that as per section 2 of the Salary and Allowance of the Leader of the Opposition in Assam Legislative Assembly Act, 1978 “Leader of Opposition” means that member of the Legislative Assembly who is, for the time being, the leader of the party in opposition to the Government having the greatest numerical strength and recognised as such by the Speaker. Thus, the act does not state that the number of MLAs to be in Opposition should be 1/6th.

“This means when there are two or more parties in opposition to the Government having the same numerical strength, the Speaker shall, having regard to the status of the parties, recognise any one of the Leaders of such parties as the Leader of the Opposition for the purpose of this section and such recognition shall be final and conclusive,” said Bobeeta Sharma.

Presently, the strength of ALA is 119 instead of 126, hence, Debabrata Saikia should have still been the Leader of Opposition, claimed Sharma.

Assam Congress also alleged that the ruling Government BJP is using this issue as an electoral stunt. “People of the state as well as the entire country are aware of the dirty politics the BJP has been involved in. BJP has done no visible development rather, the only thing they have done is divide the people into communal and religious lines,” alleged Bobbeata Sharma.

Meanwhile, a letter for the restoration of the Leader of Opposition status of Debabrata Saikia has also been forwarded to Assam Governor Prof Jagdish Mukhi undersigned by AICC Secretary Bhupen Kumar Borah and MP Barpeta Abdul Khaleque.

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Centre's Relief Packages won't Benefit Common People: Leader of Opposition Debabrata Saikia


Guwahati: Leader of Opposition and Congress leader Debabrata Saikia has condemned the BJP Government in the state for using the situation arising out of the pandemic to seek political gains.

In a video message, Saikia alleged that State BJP President Ranjeet Das’s presence alongside State Cabinet Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in a Government Press Conference was irrelevant.

Taking a dig into the matter, he also claimed that the economic condition of the State Government was exposed, as the declaration of the Government relief packages by the Ministry of Finance won’t benefit the general public, however, will help to repay the pending debt of the State’s Finance Department.

Saikia also claimed that the Government’s initiative for the starting of online digital classes would lead to psychological stress followed by educational inequality amongst the students in the rural sector, as many of them don’t have smartphones or digital gadgets of their own. “I urge upon the Minister to look upon the matter as soon as possible,” said Saikia in the video.

He also mentioned that the Minister had failed to highlight the key issues while addressing the press conference, like the revive the two paper mills, setting up of the 4th plant at the Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation Limited in Namrup, and flood situation of the state.

He urged State Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma to subsidies the monthly fees of private educational institutions. The private institutions are not required to bear the electricity and travelling fees and hence can reduce the fees charged.

He concluded by saying that the Government is not well equipped to combat the pandemic and urges the Government to equip itself as soon as possible.

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