Mysterious "Om" Symbol Appears in a Swamp in Assam

A mysterious ‘Om’ symbol has appeared out of a swamp in an empty property in the VIP Road area of Assam’s Guwahati.

The appearance of the symbol all of a sudden was reported by the residents of an apartment adjacent to the plot.

Accordinf to reports, the locals have claimed the mysterious appearance of the symbol to be a positive indication.

“The Om Sign has popped out of Colocasia plant and it feels good to look at it. We offer our prayers to it now every morning. The Om sing indicates that there is something beneath the ground, this is our perception,” said a resident.

Meanwhile, a local priest has called the development as an indication of Lord Shiva. “If this sign has cropped up, then it can be ascertained that there might have been a Shiv Linga below it,” said Rajiv Sharma, Head Priest of Sree Sree Ganesh Shiv Temple in Narengi.